NBites 1 – Dutch Nao Team 0

The queen consort of the Netherlands visited today, luckily she didn’t stay long enough for our game. We had two great drives down the field and took advantage of one in the second half. Much relief was felt on the team when the goal went in.

We had more wireless issues, but put in a new strategy two have two wing defenders that will only go after the ball if it is within a meter of them. They came in very handy when our striker, who had flipped her localization (attacking her own goal), drove down to our goal. Because there was no WiFi, our goalie couldn’t unflip our striker. But one defender passed to the other and then we cleared the ball out and saved a possible own goal. Didn’t see much from the goalie that game and hopefully we won’t have to. Looking to score more in the next games.

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