NBites falls to GermanTeam 0-2 in penalty kicks

Hi all, sorry for lack of updates here – I can only post here at the hotel.

Bowdoin Pride:
Bowdoin Pride

We beat SharPKUngfu 9-0, UTAustin 4-2, and TecRams 10-0, the last of which we played this morning in the quarterfinals.

We played our semifinal match today against the GermanTeam, and it went scoreless after two halves. This meant that the game went into penalty kicks. Unfortunately our goalie veered out of the box and couldn’t stop their incredibly powerful cannon shot. It was a heartbreaking loss, but members of the GermanTeam claimed it was the best Aibo match they’d ever witnessed.

We play either UTAustin or Wright Eagle for third place tomorrow at 11am (pm est).

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