New Server

Our server has undergone a transfer. The virtual image has been moved onto a new host machine, This server is running more up-to-date software, seems to be quite a bit faster, and we have had our memory doubled. In all, the server is quite a bit more responsive, and the networking issues we’ve been having have been ironed out. The server can now be rebooted remotely and correct loads all network interfaces and mount the network drives that store our SVN repository, Trac instance, and other data files. Hopefully we will no longer run into any of the outages we have had problems with in the past.

The server handled the switch with no errors, but it did result in network interface identifiers being switched around, which baffled Tucker and myself until I ironed out the network configuration and rebooted several times. On a side note, once up, I updated the virtual machines WMWare tools and Debian/Linux software, running the latest kernel and other patches and updates.

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  1. ferd

    it’s a good thing most people who read this are nerds, because i don’t think the common person would have any idea about what you just said :P

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