Northern Bites 0 – Cerberus 2

In one of the toughest games in my 10 years of RoboCup we lost 2-0 to Cerberus. It was one of those games where everything that could go wrong did. A Game Controller bug right before the start of the game made it appear that we weren’t on wifi and so we had to call timeout. After the timeout it still didn’t appear that we were on wifi, but in fact we were. Then early on in the game we kicked the ball directly on goal and it was rolling to a stop about 3 inches from being a goal, when suddenly it took a hard right turn and roller outside the goal area (the field here is on concrete and includes a number of areas where it isn’t even close to being level). Our robot then got knocked down, and we didn’t score. Our goalie made an absolutely spectacular diving save soon after this and prevented a sure goal. As the first half was winding down Cerberus scored an amazing/improbable goal from nearly the full length of the field that our goalie got a foot on but the ball just managed to trickle in with less than 30 seconds remaining in the half. The second half was somewhat painful to watch as Cerberus often had all five of their robots in a large clump around the ball and our robots struggled to deal with it. Having said that they took advantage of their chances and we did not so they definitely deserved to win. Unfortunately this knocks us out of the tournament, at least for the main competition. We still have drop-in games (games involving teams made up of robots from different teams) and one more challenge to participate in. The result wasn’t what we hoped for but the team did a great job this year and easily could have made it through to the quarterfinals with just a little more luck.