Our Server can’t tell Time

robocup.bowdoin.edu says:

robocup:~> date
Sat Dec 2 00:16:24 EST 2006

my computer/brain tell me:

wire:~ hwork$ date
Mon Dec 4 10:46:59 EST 2006

Unfortunately, I do not control the 4th Dimension Anymore. Chun-Li and Bob do. (Frisbee reference).


1 thought on “Our Server can’t tell Time

  1. jfishman

    Yeah, due to the fact that the robocup server is virtual, it can’t tell time too well. I had it updating itself regularly to counteract its slow clock, but a recent system upgrade caused a stopped service to be restarted, resulting in preventing the update script from running (the ntp, “Network Time Protocol”, service started running, which uses the same port at ntpdate. ntpdate sets the time to the time retreived from a server. The ntp service tries to continually correct the clock, via an ntp server, but can’t handle the rate of decline of robocup’s processor clock. So, ntpdate runs every minute and resync’s the clock off of ntp.bowdoin.edu).

    Or Bob and Chun have decided to play tricks on me.

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