Sorry for the Interruption

The server that our blog is hosted on went down, so we apologize for the interruption. Lots of good news to report, though!

We won our first game this morning against Edinferno 1-0 using our new fairly static strategy.

After some minor improvements we went on to play RoboEireann. In the first half we scored one, that they quickly answered after our goalie tried heroically to clear the ball.

In the second half, we made a switch to make our defender slightly more aggressive and we had to take a timeout to write and install the code in time. We had a good drive and scored again to get up 2-1. Then as time was expiring, our opponent drove down the field and had the ball right in front of our goal, but the upgraded defender swept in and disrupted them just enough for the clock to run out and full time to be called.

With that, the Northern Bites have won out in the second round robin pool and will face Austin Villa from the University of Texas at Austin in the quarter finals tonight. A strong showing for the team and very happy to have done so well and come this far. We don’t expect to progress any further because the other teams are very very good. But we will give it our best shot.

Also here’s a video showing how intense our team is. The RoboCup organizers took this video and posted it on their Facebook page. Apparently we are hilarious.

RoboCup Emotions < — Link if the video doesn't load below (or refresh the page).

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