TT-UT US Open champions

TT-UT and UPenn were tied 1-1 after regulation time. After a nailbiting series of penalty kicks, AustinVilla emerged victorious, with 3 penalty kick successes to UPenn’s 2. Video of everything will be up in the coming days as everything gets edited, uploaded, etc.

Thanks to all of our fans for their support and for making the US Open such a success.

2 thoughts on “TT-UT US Open champions

  1. Kate Sim

    I’ve been watching the webcasts from the UK. Thanks for putting on such a good show and look forward to the video.

    Sorry we won’t be seeing you in Graz, maybe in Singapore next year?


    1. ndunn2 Post author

      Glad to see you enjoyed it. I will be posting the videos as soon as I get youtube to cooperate.

      If you meant the team in general, they will be there. If you meant me specifically, yeah I won’t be there, other than in spirit. I’d love to see how the Naos are doing in a few years.. definitely don’t rule me out. We’ll see.

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