2 thoughts on “TT-UT AustinVilla 3 – CMU 0

  1. Colin M

    Thanks for posting this stuff online! It’s neat to see the games in the live webcast, since I’ve never actually seen a Nao game before.

    Is there a schedule online somewhere?

  2. ndunn2 Post author

    Glad to see you’re enjoying the webcast

    Saturday May 2nd (Pool Play)

    10:00 AM – UPenn v. UTexas

    11:00 AM – CMU v. Bowdoin

    (lunch break)

    2:00 PM – UTexas v. CMU

    3:00 PM – UPenn v. Bowdoin

    4:00 PM – Bowdoin v. UTexas

    5:00 PM – CMU v. UPenn
    Sunday May 3rd (Semis and Finals)

    10:00 AM – semis game (teams TBD)

    11:00 AM – semis game (teams TBD)

    (lunch break)

    1:30 PM – 3rd and 4th place finals

    2:30 PM – 1st and 2nd place finals

    If any changes are made, they’ll be at http://robocup.bowdoin.edu/blog/us-open/

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