We won our pool!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that we didn’t play our best game. We led L3M 1-0 at the half, but were off wireless the entire second half which kills our strategy of having the goalie communicate ball information. So we spent much of the half trying to score on ourselves. Our goalie was valiant, but eventually the 4 robots (2 of ours, 2 of theirs) trying to score on her (Zoe) were too much and they scored with less than a minute left.

So our first match tomorrow will be against Penn. They are looking very good and it should be a real challenge.

I expect/hope Wils will provide a more detailed accounting of the day’s activities later when he has some time.

— Aforementioned Detailed accounting —

So we haven’t won a pool since 2009?? That’s really good. We were very upset at our performance though, especially because it seemed out of our control. Our robots started out on the wireless and then completely dropped it. We felt helpless. That said a tie was enough for us to advance and beĀ guaranteed 3 more games so that’s good. In the aftermath of the game we are hoping to develop strategies for if/when we drop wireless again and have also given the router a factory reset which (fingers crossed) should help. We also saw a curious bug that Octavian is looking into, in which the robot decided it would quit our program before each half. Very annoying seeing as we had to call a timeout to reboot them. Hopefully we will track that down. Tonight we have a scrimmage scheduled with our friends the Nao DevilsĀ from Dortmund. Hopefully that will look better.

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