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US Open this Weekend!

We’ll be hosting the Standard Platform League US Open for the third year in a row this weekend!

We will be joined by the UPennalizers, WPI Warriors and CMurfs. UT Austin Villa was sadly not able to make it this year.

Check out our page with all the details!

Events will be streamed live (link TBA), concessions will be sold, goals will be scored, robots will [hopefully not] break, and a winner will be crowned.

See you on the pitch!

Bowdoin to host US OPEN SPL May 2nd – 3rd

We are proud to be hosting the US OPEN for the Standard Platform League this year. The event will be held in Bowdoin’s brand-new Watson hockey arena on May 2nd and 3rd. Currently we expect attendance from all the US Teams: CMU, UPenn, UT Austin and of course the Northern Bites.
We are excited to be the first non-hockey or athletics related event host in this venue. The venue has great lighting, a superb sound system, and also the built-in capability to do webcasting. We expect the venue to be open to the public from 9 to 5 both Saturday and Sunday. The finals will be held Sunday afternoon.

Interior of Watson Arena

Interior of Watson Arena

Koala Backpacks

I drove south for an hour last night to enjoy the company of some RoboCuppers. I met up with Todd Hester of Austin Villa as well as the RoboCup “celebrity” (so says an Australian newspaper) Michael Quinlan who took me to their robotics lab. There I was introduced to the (in)famous Mohan. After some segway play, we went out for burgers, drinks, and old fashioned nerd talk. I met some other members from the UT Comp Sci labs and even saw a man wearing a Koala backpack. It was a short trip to the city, as now I am back at home. I may even log some work hours for the trip, since discussion was had about the beginning of a collaborative research paper.