How To: RoboCup Etiquette

This year there are 24 teams at robocup, and four fields. Needless to say, there are many people looking to use the fields for testing between matches. However, some (nearly ALL) teams, who will remain nameless, have adopted a ‘camping’ attitude to testing. While it may seem convenient to park your laptop and a few friends on the carpet, it is disadvantageous to everyone, since no one is able to test on in proper game like environment.


The proper way to test on the field is to never leave anything but active robots and standing humans.

2 thoughts on “How To: RoboCup Etiquette

  1. Nick

    That must have fun to get the pictures necessary to calibrate… hey shadows and people.

    That’s a big turnout.. didn’t realize there were so many teams. What’s the vibe like?

  2. Joho Post author

    Yeah, getting unobstructed field space is a challenge. The vibe overall is good, but there is a big divide between new teams and veteran teams in terms of soccer ability (which is of course to be expected). While it may seem trivial, the challenge of not falling over is something that takes some time to master. Thankfully, we learned our lesson on that one at the US OPEN, and so now we have some of the most balanced robots in our league.

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