New server coming soon; Website updates

So in the long list of cleaning house on the team–the code base, the robots, the lab, the ferd–I’ve finally come to the website.  Here’s our grand idea: we’ll take an old linux box from downstairs and make it into our own personal webserver.  Jeremy is in the process of wiping it, installing debian, mysql, php, etc, and then I will install wordpress and port over this website.

Our own webserver will provide a bunch of substantial functionality boosters–we’ll have our own dns (probably, a much faster loading website, and much more control over it as well. We’ll be able to do things like access our code base via httpd and even stream video–and we’ve accumuluated a lot–to our adoring fans.

In the meantime, I’ve created a Media page that’s currently in progress which will hold some of our things to come.

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