Learning Unix

Here’s my kind of computer article I found when typing in the words “Learning Unix” into Google.

It doesn’t contain any specific information about the unix environment, but instead just gives comforting words to those — like me — trying to get more out of it.

Nice Quote:

Unix as acquired a reputation as something that can only be used by people who learned 14 programming languages by the age of ten and build all their home machines from scratch because it’s fun. This is not true. If it did my artsy-fartsy background would have prevented me from ever touching the keyboard. There are two basic premises that would’ve saved me a lot of angst in learning Unix. First, it does not make sense. Period. None.

2 thoughts on “Learning Unix

  1. ferd

    hah, at work today, my boss asked me to help him update and maintain our intranet stata site (stata being a statistical software package, go bowdoin cs skills).

    and i didn’t have write access for the intranet address. i had to ask the help desk for write access, and i almost asked for it in unix-fashion, but figured they wouldn’t be able to figure that out.

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