Day 2: The end of the prep time

After the lighting problems of yesterday, and due to the complaints of key members of many teams, additional lights were brought in early in the morning. Since our hotel is literally right across the street from the venue, we were one of the first teams here at 7 and had the fields mostly to ourselves for a short period of time to try to recalibrate for the new lighting conditions. So happy to be up at 7

The Nubots briefly demonstrated their walking bear robot. You can see a short clip of it here.

We just finished two scrimmages, one against the GermanTeam and one against a Chilean team. After a short period without a goalie, we managed to do very well against the GermanTeam; the final score in that match was 2-1 in their favor.

After ironing out some bugs we that we discovered in the scrimmages, we should be ready to go tomorrow in our first match against JollyPochie at 2:30 tomorrow.

More to come

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