So we’re at the venue…

We made it to the venue to find super dark fields. The lighting is only 285 lux. If we still had the Aibos we wouldn’t be able to see anything, but lucky for us we have the amazing Lizzie, who whipped up some awesome camera parameters for us.

State of the Robots:
Aldebaran has 4 bodies and 2 heads from us.
The heads have broken fans so their processors are overheating and, if we kept using them, would melt the circuitry and be completely unusable.
We have a robot with locked knees (so they don’t bend at all) and a broken shoulder, another robot with a broken ankle, a robot with a broken neck and a broken shoulder, and a robot that won’t turn on at all due to a bad connection with it’s battery.
We are keeping our only new robot that sort of works (it’s only ailment is a tight hip) along with three new heads that are working. We also brought two old bodies with us so that we can be somewhat productive while Aldebaran is fixing our new ones.

The venue also seems to have wireless internet issues, but the ethernet has not gone down yet (fingers crossed). The organizers seem to be setting up the infrastructure (power, ethernet, wireless, etc.) as we are setting up and needing it. Small delays as compared to Istanbul when internet didn’t work at all for half the time.

The fields are not neon green and the goals look all set.

Time to get working. Pictures soon

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