Wow lots has happened

So it’s Tuesday! Fancy that.

Yesterday we were plagued with vision issues as always. Whenever we go to a new venue, we have to take lots of pictures to calibrate our cameras and it usually takes a day or two. So after a few iterations of changing white balance, exposure, etc. we managed to see pretty well. As a result of seeing differently we have to change some of the behaviors related to the distance of things we see. For example when we chase after the ball, we see the ball slightly further away now. So we have to adjust some numbers for that to compensate for it. It’s like putting on a different pair of glasses and expecting to see the same way.

Also we’ve encountered wireless connectivity issues. This is also an issue at every competition. Somehow the organizers always buy the worst wireless routers and make it very difficult to connect to them. As a result, teams will setup their own routers, which only makes the problem worse because the interference skyrockets. But now we can at least connect to the network and communicate robot-to-robot when the network is working. But sometimes the network decides it’s just going to hate the world.

We’ve had lots of scrimmages, each better than the last (fingers crossed). We are playing games at 10:20am and 6:00pm tomorrow for our first round robin pool.

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