The Naos are coming soon!

Last week we got word that the parts for the first batch of Nao had arrived in Paris, and that we would be getting our first two robots soon. Manuela Veloso from CMU went to visit the Aldebaran plant in Paris, and was apparently impressed with the Nao she saw. Check out the video here .

I was surprised that the robots are being assembled in France – I was expecting them to come ready-made from China or Taiwan like every other piece of electronics I know. Hopefully this means they will be higher quality, so long as no one forgets to plug in the cable to the camera or something! Also, the German Team has discovered from the video that the simulator prototype and the real robot have a different joint order in the legs relative to the Webots prototype, so probably there will be other discrepancies we’ll need to tackle once we get them.

On Friday we got the billing request, so hopefully that means once they get the money they’ll ship us ours! We could get them as soon as next week, which would give us 8 weeks of prep time for the demo at the US OPEN on the 24th of May. Eight weeks should be enough to tune our walk to work on the real robot, and to implement some simple soccer behaviors, so we could see some real soccer at the demonstration!

Edit: We have received word that the Nao are to ship on Monday, March 31.

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