Webots 5.8 released with new field, new goals and better performance

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We installed Webots 5.8 today, which has included the changes from the new Nao rules. Beacons have been eliminated, the goals are much bigger, and the field size grew slightly. Why no one announced this release is puzzling, but it was only released about 10 days ago, so maybe they haven’t had the chance.

This version of Webots also has the Nao contest setup, which we hear rumors of starting any day now. Allegedly, the winner of the online contest will receive a Nao, and a PRO license of Webots. Though I can’t see any non-RoboCup team winning the competition, since it takes a lot of infrastructure development to make a successful team.

We’ve tested our vision algorithms on the new goal size, and they seem to be working great. Also, the new verison seems to be running faster than before on our Mac Pro, even though Webots refuses to take advantage of the multiple cores to do it’s physics processing.

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