What We’ve Been Up To

In two words: a lot.

We’ve written a lot about our team for purposes of qualifying for RoboCup 2007 and to give report on what we did in 2006.

We’ve made the plans to attend the German Open 2007 — where we will be only one of two english-speaking teams there and the sole representative of our continent.

We’ve made a lot of upgrades to our lab: new lights, freshly painted goals, new lines, new posts, and most beautifully, four new Apple 23″ HD Cinema Displays. I nearly fainted at the sight of the new monitors.

We’ve been working hard on getting our localization system up to snuff and have been revisiting lots of different low-level systems. Our progress here has been substantial: our dog has a pretty decent idea of where it is using only two posts to localize from and with some significant vision hurdles left.

So, we have this big application for RoboCup 2007 coming up due in the middle of next week. We’ll have a video, team report, and application available to all who desire it by then. Stay tuned.

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