Drop-In Results and Final

We got our Drop-In Challenge results today – we finished in eighth place overall. That’s a good result, especially in light of the fact that we had two games where our robot crashed early. If we’d had normal performance in those games we’d probably have cracked the top five.

The final today featured a team I visited this spring – UNSW – against B-Human. Easily the best robot soccer every played. UNSW took a 1-0 lead in the first half after assaulting the B-Human goal for more than eight minutes. B-Human, after losing fairly badly to UNSW last year was playing a very defensive strategy and it showed. B-Human came back with an extremely controversial goal as a UNSW robot was wrongly penalized just as it was about to clear the ball out of their end. It allowed a B-Human robot to steal the ball and score. UNSW came back strong though and scored two goals in the final three minutes. Congratulations to UNSW as they are a very deserving champion in addition to being a great bunch of people.