Parents’ weekend scrimmage draws hundreds

On Saturday, we brought our field to Morrel Lounge in Smith Union for a midday scrimmage for the parents. Chown talked (unfortunately, without a mic) about our success as a team, and introduced the members of the team. A crowd of 150-200 then watched our team from Atlanta decimate our team from Hannover 12-1 in two full halves. Though some small children wearing orange-colored pastels provided an unexpected hiccup for our vision calibration, the remainder of the scrimmage went well.
The Atlanta team started in blue, defending against Hannover, who had a scoreless first half. During half-time, one of the spectators suggested we switch the goalie code for each team to give Hannover a better chance. Though the Hannover’s new all-star goalie couldn’t communicate with his teammates, he made some clutch saves in the second half, holding Atlanta to a 12-1 final lead over Hannover.

Both during half-time, and after the game, the crowd was very enthusiastic, and asked many questions. One father even came up to me later in the day, and wondered what his interested teenage son should do in high school to be able to do something like RoboCup in College. On the whole, the parents were immensely entertained, and for the many students who attended, it was an experience to finally see their own robot-dog team in action.
For us, it was a chance to get better at preparing for competition, including a chance for some to learn more about color-calibration. Though the match was a success from an event point of view, it certainly showed us that we have a lot of work to do in the next year to ensure that the Northern Bites remain unbeatable. Look for pictures and a video to be posted soon.

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